Union J.Plus (Thailand) was established in 2001

by professional management team in recycled plastic raw materials business over 10 years.

Our team realize the importance of recycled plastic raw materials market which used products will be reprocessed to recycled plastic resin. The concept results to hugely reduce the waste, pollution and production cost of plastic industry and increasing choices for consumers to use the recycled plastic products to save the environment.

There are many kinds of products that produced from recycled plastic resin. The popular one and generally seen as plastic bags, pipes, crates, baskets, plastic pallets and so on.

However, recycled plastic raw material should be used for non-food packaging or non-food contact only. For food packaging should use virgin plastic raw materials.  

The Leader in recycled plastic manufacturer in Thailand within 2010 
The leading supplier of high quality and reliable plastic raw materials with good services for customer satisfaction.