Product Info
Exceed mPE 3518CB
Virgin Material for Film and Packaging
For Product :

Shopping bag film ,  General purpose film , Lamination packaging film , Overwrap film , High clarity packaging film , FFS packaging film , Agricultural greenhouse film


ExceedTM mPE resin grades are linear low density polyethylenes made using metallocene catalysts. They are premium products providing outstanding performance in a variety of cast and blown film applications. Compared to conventional LLDPE, Exceed mPE resin has higher seal strength , better contamination seal-through , lower gel levels and more balanced mechanical properties , yieldingexceptional puncture and impact strength

Detial :

Melt index (g/10 min)  = 3.5

Density (g/cm3)  = 0.918

Additives  :  Thermal stabilzers

Applications  :  Stretch packaging film , Cast/melt-embossed film , Hygiene backsheet film